Longest sentence of words starting with one letter

What can be the single longest, coherent sentence formed with words that all start with one letter ?

We focus on W and G, this Halloween. If you can form sentences longer than these, post a comment here or on our facebook page. The sentence must start with Giddy Ghost or Whimsical Witch.


Whimsical Witch wondered, “Where would warring Wanda Witch wantonly wander, while warily worried, when wolves wrestle with wily wolverines?”


Giddy Ghost gave gabbing Granny Goose, gifts galore: ghoulish games, grizzly growlers, grimy goo-goos, gravelly goblins, gleaming gems, glossy gadflies, galactic galactose, goeey gelatin, gaudy gears, gazing gazelles …

6 thoughts on “Longest sentence of words starting with one letter

  1. Whimsical Witch was weirdly wondering, whether wandering while wearing wacky webbed weatherproof watch was warranted; will witness wearily waddling, wiggling waitress waving wasted waffles who walks while whispering, whining, whistling, whimpering, wiggle, wobble whilst whizzing, whooshing, wisecracking with worry

  2. Whimsical Witch waggishly waddled while wondering were Wanda Witch, Wally waddling walrus, Waldo wishing wale, Willis wobbly Wallaby went with wonderful wheat walnut waffles. We were waiting with whipped cream while Wilma worm went wiggling wonderfully with Warmhearted Wally Walrus. Without Warning warm winds whirled Willy’s Wishing well, Wild Willy went wacky with wonder. With wondrous weather we went walking west whistling

  3. Whimsical Witch wantonly worried while wandering within wonderous wild woods, whether wooden whirling wobbly wheels would wreck wolf ‘s wonderful work; whether warts were worse while wearing wet wool; whether warmblooded warriors would walk without whimpering while wearily waving weapons , whether Western wacky wild-eyed wolves would whine while wholeheartedly waltzing within wicked webbed windless woods.

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