Awesome Apps Creation as a service from PixelMat

PixelMat has created critically well acclaimed and best selling apps. We now humbly offer the same capabilities of Awesome App Creation as a service. If you are a book publisher with books in paper format, we can help create highly interactive, magical apps out of them. If you are an aspiring author with a book idea […]

Pointy and Pokey are now poking the app store

Pointy and Pokey are now poking the app store! Pointy! Pokey! Your child gets to decide who is the hero in this heart warming adventure about acceptance, friendship and courage. The story adapts itself to your child’s interactions! Pointy, the shy and adorable hedgehog is the best friend of a naughty porcupine, Pokey. Other animals […]


2012. It feels different. Anyways, back to apps … 🙂 A good, immersive app is one that can pull in a user and create joy. Typically an app like this has: Great visual appeal i.e. good artwork, elegant use of color, “want to see more” imagery. Loads of interactivity. i.e. touch a cat – it should […]