PixelMat in the media – thank you!

We are thankful to the media and the journalist community for taking our inputs on the apps ecosystem and for including us in their coverage of topics related to mobile app development.

Apps are a tough industry, small encouragements like these help us a lot! It is genuinely appreciated!!

Recent coverage of PixelMat includes:

i) App Store Dynamics

“We used social media – Twitter, Facebook – to promote our app,” says Srividya Vaidyanathan of app developer PixelMat. “It also helps if you get positive reviews – and we were lucky to get good reviews from Kirkus Reviews for our app.”

The Times of India, Bangalore, Tuesday March 06, 2012, Page 20.

ii) Moms Make Apps

Srividya Vaidyanathan has a similar story. “I fell in love with my iPad,” she says as well. More importantly, so did Dhruv, her son. “He was fascinated by it.” Before she knew it, she and her husband had started a company called Pixelmat, making colourful stories for children, for use on tablets and mobiles. “We are both techies. He’s worked in SAP, I’ve worked in Oracle and other companies. Building apps wasn’t too difficult. Objective C, the language used for iOS development is unfamiliar, but then, if you know one object oriented language, it’s not difficult to learn another.”

Pixelmat has created a number of cheerful apps in bright colours, targeting them at young children. “My husband had this story called the ‘Giddy Ghost’ and we made an app out of it. It turned out to be very popular,” says Srividya. Encouraged by its success, they tried translating the story into Dutch. On October 29, 2011, Klunzig Spookje (the Dutch version of Giddy Ghost) was the top selling iPad book in the Netherlands. Why Dutch? “We did some research and found that iPad adoption was very high in the Netherlands,” says Srividya.


Srividya is looking at creating more original IP. She too has moved from iOS only apps to Android and now Windows Phone. She says that PixelMat is planning several exclusives for the Windows Phone marketplace.

The Times of India, Bangalore, Tuesday February 21, 2012. Page 18.