PixelMat in the mainstream media

PixelMat Software has been profiled in The Hindu Business Line. We thank the media for recognizing small start-ups like ours! It is really helpful.

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Among the more successful women developers is Srividya Vaidyanathan, co-founder of PixelMat. Her company initially made apps for iOS and Android, but she has now started working closely with Microsoft to design and build apps for Windows Marketplace.

Srividya has had 13 years of experience in the IT industry but the spurt in smartphone and tablet growth prompted her to explore app development as a potential career option. “After tablets became popular I felt that apps could be a great educational tool.” Most of the apps created by PixelMat were oriented towards children. Among them are ‘Yellow Pants’, ‘Pointy and Pokey’ and ‘Punshine’.

During her interview with eWorld, we asked her about opportunities for women in app development. “Globally there are many women developers but in India it is still a rarity. In order to build your own apps you need a software and technical background.” She says that it’s actually quite easy for a woman to work in the field because the process is systematic and hassle-free.

Srividya has developed two apps that are featured only on Windows Marketplace: Toddler ABC and Toddler Numbers. On Women’s Day, Srividya open-sourced Toddler ABCs, so fellow developers can have a chance to modify the app and subsequently learn how to build their own. “There is even an option to make the apps more regional, so you could change the background music and the language to Hindi, Kannada or Tamil if you wish,” she says.

The article can also be seen online at the website of the newspaper.