Tech Moms in the interconnected world

I am writing this for Intel Fleximoms Tech Moms Blogathon.

I am an engineer by qualification and I quit my full-time software job in 2006 after my child was born. Since 2006 and until 2011, I was freelancing as a software consultant. In early 2011, we purchased an iPad as a family entertainment device. My 7 year old son (who was 5 then) took an instant liking to it and was able to navigate his way without much help (unlike a regular PC/Laptop). When we purchased a few apps I realized that the iPad can be a wonderful teaching medium. With the backing of my software development background, I turned entrepreneur when I co-founded PixelMat Software. PixelMat Software has developed many best selling and critically well acclaimed mobile apps for children across all the popular mobile OS platforms.

I owe much of my contribution to PixelMat Software to motherhood. There are many similarities between growing a company and growing a baby. Every good idea that I had before turning a mom has only improved since becoming one. Motherhood has helped me improve as a manager. Techie moms know how to crunch code even with a toddler on their lap. Multi-tasking and time management is something that is ingrained in a mom’s DNA. Women (Mothers) know children and can help design kiddie apps in a way that the child can appreciate better. The same holds good for other categories such as lifestyle, home and garden etc. Moms are mostly the purchase decision makers for kids and family apps. They are in a better position to provide end-customer insights. When women bring such an insight into app development they make successful apps.

Being an entrepreneur mom gives me far more flexibility in when and where I work. Technology such as smart phones, Skype and videoconferencing help me balance work and family. Think about everything techie-moms have to do in one day — being a mother, wife, businesswoman and innovator. This leaves very little “me-time” for techie moms and this is something that I am working on consciously.

During the course of my experience I have learnt that techie-moms are more dedicated, open to revisions and very hardworking. Techie-Moms are a new generation of women leaders who are balancing, achieving and leading.

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer garnered worldwide headlines last month as the first pregnant incoming CEO of a Fortune 500 company. To me, the message that techie-mom-to-be Mayer and Yahoo! sent out to the world was very encouraging – being a mom was not a deterrent to a corporate career. In fact, a mom can bring value-add to a role and business in more ways than one.

My 2 cents to techie-moms-in-doubt – Don’t constantly doubt and second guess yourself. You are a much better innovator and manager now that you are a mom than you were before. The #techmoms event organised by Intel & Fleximoms is a step towards ensuring that techie mom talent is not confined within homes.