Awesome Apps Creation as a service from PixelMat

PixelMat has created critically well acclaimed and best selling apps. We now humbly offer the same capabilities of Awesome App Creation as a service. If you are a book publisher with books in paper format, we can help create highly interactive, magical apps out of them. If you are an aspiring author with a book idea […]

Pointy and Pokey are now poking the app store

Pointy and Pokey are now poking the app store! Pointy! Pokey! Your child gets to decide who is the hero in this heart warming adventure about acceptance, friendship and courage. The story adapts itself to your child’s interactions! Pointy, the shy and adorable hedgehog is the best friend of a naughty porcupine, Pokey. Other animals […]

Year end thoughts from PixelMat

What a ride ! 2011 has been a year of learning, technology and hard work at PixelMat. We learnt so much … our first exposure to selling directly to consumers, we first “shipped” our software this year, we learnt about how big the world is and how talented so many of its inhabitants are, and […]

Giddy Ghost Review on Apps for iPads

Apps for iPads has reviewed Giddy Ghost: … an iPad App Full of FUN! […] Who can resist silly, bumbling Giddy Ghost or the red-haired witch, Whimsical? It’s a simple yet fun story set into an interactive picture book for your iPad! The attention to detail is wonderful, right down to the “texture” of the […]

Review for Giddy Ghost by Digital Storytime

Digital-Storytime (“The Best Picture Book Reviews for iPad“) has this to say about Giddy Ghost: A late entrant on our list, this recently released title features a story about a clumsy ghost who can’t seem to climb a staircase. The ghost enlists the help of a new witch. Between the two of them, they are […]

Review for Giddy Ghost by Kirkus

Kirkus Reviews (“The World’s Toughest Book Critics  TM“) have reviewed Giddy Ghost! A klutzy ghost gets a cure for clumsiness from an inept witch, but plot’s just a pretext for a smorgasbord of exuberant touch-activated effects. … … each of which (jars of ingredients) explodes into showers of creatures, sparkles or colorful glop with rapid […]

Giddy Ghost is # 1 New in Canada iPad Books

Thank you Apple! Giddy Ghost & Whimsical Witch is the # 1 New Book in the Canadian Store, for iPad Books. This is in addition to being in the top 3 New Books in the US Store. Since at least 70 to 90 books are released per day in the iOS Market (, we are […]