H for Halloween

Here’s to the alphabetical wonders of Halloween from the team at PixelMat: a A for: “Abracadabra”, Angels – especially the bad ones, Armor suits – creaking ones, Apple bobbing, Aliens – as in evil, inter-planetary boo boos.   b B for: Brooms (of witches … of course!), Bubbling cauldrons, Bats, Broth in the witch’s cauldron, Brooms […]

Longest sentence of words starting with one letter

What can be the single longest, coherent sentence formed with words that all start with one letter ? We focus on W and G, this Halloween. If you can form sentences longer than these, post a comment here or on our facebook page. The sentence must start with Giddy Ghost or Whimsical Witch. w: Whimsical Witch […]

Halloween 2011 Wallpaper for the iPad

The art for our Halloween app, Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch, has been highly appreciated by our customers in their feedback to us via our facebook interactions. Apple has put us on the Top 3 New apps in the iPad Books category in the US Store. To thank you for your kind words and in […]

Woo Hoo Giddy Boo!

Giddy Boo ! Woo Hoo Giddy Boo !! Giddy Boo and Whimsical Witch have arrived at the app store. A Halloween special from the team at PixelMat, we are happy at having put in a lot of effort into this app. The original and unique art for this app was first created by hand on paper […]

Giddy Boo!

We have been working on a fun and interactive app for Halloween. Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch is about a bumbling ghost and his adventure with a newly minted witch. Featuring loads of special effects and interactivity, background music, audio effects, narration in English (a Dutch version is coming soon, more languages are in the […]